The Division Top 10 Things You Need to Know

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5. Playing With Friends

The Division Top 10 Things You Need to Know about Team work

If you don’t want to play it alone, then you can play with up to four friends in your squad – which I highly recommend as you all can choose a role for the betterment of the group. It’s always best to have a healer, a tank, and a DPS in the team. If you play solo, you’ll be hitting group-missions with strangers that don’t see the big picture – meaning a team comprised of only damage dealers.

This way you’ll see how skills complement one another, and because you can organize with your friends, missions, quests, or whatever you want to call them, can be completed much faster.

6. The City

The Division Top 10 Things You need to Know About the City

The Division is set in a permanent winter, with only the day-night cycle adding a little bit of change to the medium, and thanks to the Snowdrop game engine, it defines what next-gen is all about. From lighting effects, detailed shadowing and real-time reflections to how snow falls and piles up on cars, and even on characters, everything looks exquisite and super realistic. It’s cutting edge technology right here ladies and gents.

Storms are often, they come and they go, and they limit visibility – for players, and the A.I; exactly like a snow-storm would, adding just another touch of realism.

There are also loads of items to interact with – traffic cones can be knocked over, gas cans explode if you shoot them, car trunks, doors and hoods can be opened or closed, and paint cans burst if shot at, to name just a few.

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